Originally MasterMind is a board game for two players. The first player chooses four coloured pins and the second player tries to guess the colour combination.

Gameplay: Except for the computer choosing the colours the game plays exactly the same as the original. It's a great game if you like logic and deductive reasoning.

Graphics: The woodgrain background is cheesy but very fitting for a seventies board game. Unlike many other GP32 games the colours Tristan used are easily distinguishable, even on a front-lit unit.

Sound: The game doesn't have sound effects but it plays a mod-file in the background. I don't particularly care for the included mod-file, but you can exchange it for one of your own choice.

Controls: The reviewed game is not the final version of MasterMind. The final version has an undo-option but in my opinion the controls are too confusing so I decided to stick with playing the old one.
The controls in this version are good, the instructions are clear and the in-game functions are logical.

Replay value: The colours are chosen at random so the game is always new. You can change the difficulty-level by changing the number of colours or the length of the board so you can adjust it to your level.

MasterMind refused to run in GeePee32 so I couldn't make any screenshots. Therefor the woodgrain background in my version is different from the original.
I also decided against using the reboot-option in the title screen, which I'm sure you will appreciate ;-) but it's identical in every other way.
MasterMind History
MasterMind was invented in 1970-1971 by Mordecai Meirowitz. He sold the concept to Invicta Plastics Ltd who refined the game and released it in 1971.
Best selling new game in the 1970's MasterMind
Won Game of the Year Award in 1973
Sold over 55 million copies worldwide
Over the years many different versions of Mastermind have been released including multiplayer, travel and electronic versions.
MasterMind icon Game:
Puzzle / boardgame
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MasterMind is a challenging puzzle game and Tristan did a good job. Want to try it for yourself? Click here.
Tristan Sadly, Tristan sold his GP32 so he could buy a PSP.
Let's not judge him but hope he'll be back coding for the GP32 or GP2X some day
- Tristan -